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encore – extending battery life

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encore – extending battery life

Yesterday's batteries for tomorrow's green energy.

A short life as a vehicle battery – what's next? Lithium-based batteries are considered to be a key technology in electromobility. But these batteries lose up to 20% of their capacity within just eight years, after which, the battery is replaced. While the used battery ends up as trash because the costs for recycling used batteries is perceived as too expensive.


Second chance as green storage: A battery with 80% remaining storage capacity is far from useless! Only when we use a product for as long as possible and keep the resources in circulation does it become sustainable. Our mission at encore is to give EV-batteries a second chance and a longer life as a modular battery storage. The high residual power in used batteries offer excellent potential for industrial and commercial applications.


Why battery storage? Our modular battery storage systems are designed to offer flexible solutions for many applications. They could store solar energy by day and deliver power anytime needed – for example when grid power is required and/or not available. That’s why our storage systems can not only be used for powering electrical systems but also can replace fossil fuel-based emergency generators.


Our Values:



The manufacture and operation of energy storage facilities produce high CO2 emissions. Reusing car batteries could significantly reduce these emissions.



Rigorous and detailed examinations of our batteries ensure the highest standard in performance, safety and fire protection.


Economic efficiency

Encore’s refurbished battery storage systems not only offers companies an energy storage solution that is significantly economical to purchase than brand new systems, but makes it possible to store renewable energy and reduce costs through grid electricity.



The encore energy management system will check the status of the delivered systems in real time and ensure the reliability of the battery storage systems at any times.


We need affordable storage solutions to be able to use sustainable power supply when the consumption arises. encore offers a great, sustainable approach here!

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Use cases



Storage of renewable energy from e.g., PV systems - independent of generation times. 

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Energy supply

Uninterruptible power supply in case of unplanned, shorter power outages.


Peak shifting

Peak shifting to reduce annual electricity costs.


Stability (Micro-Grids)

Stability for self-sufficiently operated power grids (micro grids) instead of grid expansion for e.g., housing estates or the expansion of an industrial area.

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Grid stabilization

Short-term grid frequency stabilization when there is too much or too little power on the power grid.

We are encore!

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